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Let's get one thing straight: boobs are boobs. They can be round or flat, plump or small, pointy or saggy, wide-set or forward-facing. And did you know there are eight different types of nipples?

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What age do breasts fully develop? How do breast start to develop? Are my breasts normal?

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My almost 8-year-old has a lump under her nipple that is tender. It's been there a couple of days. I'm sure it's probably just a swollen gland or something but was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this.

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Like most parts of the body, breasts can be sore from time to time. Not only for girls, but for guys too. You may be worried about your body's development, about what causes breast soreness, and even about cancer.

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This is one of the finishing touches preparing their lungs to breathe air when they are born. Some little girls may have a cloudy white vaginal discharge, or even a mini-period — with blood appearing at the vagina during the first week as estrogen levels fall rapidly. Both boys and girls may develop newborn acne, between about 3 to 4 weeks of age.

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Puberty is the stage of adolescence when your child begins to develop physically into an adult. As the breasts develop, problems like lumps or infections sometimes occur. These problems can be alarming.

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Teenage is a time for many changes and emotional upheaval. While some teens embrace these changes with open arms, other changes, for a want of a better word, are downright embarrassing. And, if your teen son feels humiliated because of his growing breasts, he may have Gynecomastia.

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Quick links. View Archives Old Boards Search full site. Previous topic Next topic. Now my boobs are 32A but my areolas and nipples are very puffy and sit up quite a bit from the breast itself, I dont want to be any bigger than a "C" cup, I was just wondering how long they would be puffy?

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Pubertal gynecomastia happens during the early years of puberty and usually goes away within a few months to a year. Gynecomastia that occurs during puberty is caused by a change in the balance of hormones natural chemicals in your body. It happens to most boys between the ages of 12 and 14 years old when their bodies are changing.

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I do not think you need a second opinion at this time. A breast bud generally does not suggest that there are any significant hormonal problems or that this is related to breast cancer if there is a family history of breast cancer, I would mention it to your child s doctor. By having her examined, the doctor gets a good history, checks to see if there are any other signs of puberty, any evidence of secondary sexual characteristics developing, or other possible causes for the lump. Reassurance is appropriate along with just observation over time.


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