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Jodie Foster is that rare breed of actor: a child star who sustained a career into adulthood and continues to deliver memorable performances and captivating, thrilling, and at times, thought-provoking cinema both as an actress and director. She developed her own production company which made Nell amongst other films and pursued directing which brought us Little Man Tate a film she also starred in. But you have to credit the multi-Academy Award-winning actress with the courage to trust her creative judgement for better and for worse.

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That is, until a glassy-eyed charmer, Frank Martin Sheen at his most manic shows up with a light-up pumpkin and insists on being let into her home, on the pretense of meeting her father, promising that his children are only a few houses behind. What exactly is the little girl who lives down the lane hiding? Hallet off her back is to silence her…which Rynn does by bashing her head in with the cellar door.

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The central premise of the movie is a young girl, much more vulnerable than she would like to believe, who is forced to be incredibly independent in order to live in a town where powerful families have circled their wagons around a serial pedophile and sexual predator. That was so amazing. Best couple ever.

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Among living actresses, the list of those who have won two Academy Awards for Best Actress is a short one. His muscles were simply too weak to allow him to move. He attended UC Berkeley on a motorized gurney, had assistants caring for him and was a successful poet and writer. But he longed for human contact, particularly with a woman, and when the chance came to write an article on sex and the disabled, it was the perfect confluence of opportunity and need uniting to fulfill his desires.

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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane is one of the great thrillers of the '70s, yet it wasn't always recognized as such. Scheuer's Movies on TV dismissed it as sick trash. As the years passed, their judgments skyrocketed.

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Jodie Foster: Twice Academy Award-winning actor. Long-term superstar. Queer icon.

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There is, however, a typical Foster expression. To come through childhood megastardom unscathed and to keep going after a man tries to assassinate the president because, he says, he was trying to impress you. To then determinedly make the shift into adult roles by taking on characters others advise you not to because they are deemed too risky, including that of a brutally raped woman in The Accused and Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs, both of which won Foster Oscars.

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Hollywood has always been known to push the envelope when it comes to casting young female stars, often placing them in mature roles that take them away from their squeaky clean image once and for all. For some of the young starlets on this list, their flesh-baring scenes were a departure from innocent roles in their past, but for others, these controversial moments were some of their first to ever be seen on screen, making it even more daunting for them - not to mention awkward and uncomfortable for the viewer. It makes you wonder whether or not film-makers could have simply cast an actress that looks young enough to play the part. Then again, the films may never have gotten the recognition or attention they did — and what better way to get the attention of critics and parents the world over than to cast a young actress in a role that borders on child pornography?

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Break was my final year film when I was studying in Australia. How much is considered too much for rehearsals and when does the director know how to capture that one take genuine moment for specific scenes? This scene is about Howard the protagonist visiting a hooker.

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It was a co-production of Canada and France and written by Laird Koenigbased on his novel of the same title. The plot focuses on year-old Rynn Jacobs Fostera child whose absent poet father and secretive behaviours prod the suspicions of her conservative small-town Maine neighbours. The adaptation, originally intended as a play, was filmed in Quebec on a small budget.