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Learn About Part Three of the Series Called the Fantasy Life

The series called the fantasy life is made up of various installments. It is important to note that the main objective of this article is to shed some light on the third installment.The characters who are used in this series are not real but the events in the series are real. The main theme of this series are people who began doing things from the very bottom but eventually rose to the top of entrepreneurial success.This article will highlight the story of a character called Gabe.

Not caring much about anything is the characteristic that defined much of Gabe early life.It was a very big hustle for him to graduate through high school.His mother underwent very many challenges in pleading with the various stakeholders in the school to talk to Gabe. Schooling at that point in Gabe life was not of so much importance. Gabe was pleased by the mother to join college after the completion of his high school education and when he joined college eventually, he gave up on college education by the first semester. Being employed as a dish washer is what followed Gabe after quitting college education.Gabe was loved a lot by his mother. Gabe’s mother bore the costs of all the expenses that Gabe incurred together with his girlfriend.

The nest phase in Gabe’s life was that phase when he worked as a cook a job that he did not like. Though Gabe loathed his job as a cook, he continued working since no one else could hire him as he possessed no education as well as experience.

The family that Gabe came from was comprised of two other sisters who saw him as a baby.The sisters and Gabe all came to town which was a rare thing for the celebration of the mothers fiftieth birthday. It is at the mothers favorite restaurant that the birthday party was held.After taking several drinks, Gabe’s girlfriend asked the question of why the family was so successful yet Gabe was very lazy. Gabe decided to start controlling his life after getting embarrassed by the girlfriends question.

Gabe started reporting to now work early and requesting for extra work shifts. After some duration of time had passed, it is worth noting that Gabe started self-employment after having had some savings. Very many people were shocked when Gabe paid for the costs that were incurred at the mothers next birthday occasion. Courtesy of affiliate marketing which had been influenced by Gabe’s love for gaming, he had finally achieved success.